Pack 4 Loofah Cleaning Sponges

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All-purpose Clean Sponges, Must-Have Product " Aloofa Cleaning Sponge " which will prove to be a game-changer for household Cleaning, Scrubbing and Washing, and also to take care of your hands, who deserve our Best Care and Love (✿◠‿◠) Thoughtfully Designed in the USA & Made With Care.Value Package of 4 pieces, each of  4.7 * 3.2 inches.

✔ Great Value Package, the persistent part of the oldest loofah is selected,  flattened then joined together by sewing it and shape it up into a practical scrubbing pad.

✔ 100% Natural, is made from 100% plant alternative for Scrubbing, Washing, Cleaning, which makes it easy to dispose of after it is worn out without any harm to the environment.

✔  Practical and Easy to Use, the natural plant is capable of forming foam quickly.  Wet it with water, scrub away. Wash it with water after use, squeeze and dry it by hanging within minutes.

 Versatile Use, its an odor-free, chemical-free and non-sticky option for Washing and Scrubbing. Ideal for kitchen, cookware, sinks, counter-tops, pets' belongings, bathroom and more.

Even will help to buff away the dead skin from your hand and feet.

Thoughtfully Designed in the USA & Made With Care. This is an all in one solution and a Must-Have the product ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ