Pet Toys Hammock Lizard Lounger

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♚ Handmade using 100% natural seagrass fiber, our lizard hammock is sturdy enough to handle daily use while being soft enough to keep your scaly friend comfortable. It’s just the right size for most small lizard pets to create a comfy environment in which they can rest and move around in

♚ Easy to Install - set up this reptile hammock in a matter of seconds. It comes with 4 pins that allow you to safely attach it to your pet’s cage to make sure it doesn’t fall off. Ideal for most arboreal and terrestrial reptile species so they can have fun even when you’re not around to play with them

♚ For most small pets -  the bearded dragon hammock is carefully sized to provide just the right fit for a wide variety of small reptile to keep them comfy and happy including Lizards, Bearded Dragons, Geckos, Anoles, Iguanas, Geckos, and even Hermit crabs

Position the way you want,  the small reptile hammock gives you the freedom to position it the way you want even allowing you to create a soft and comfy jungle gym inside your pet’s cage. Thanks to the versatility of the lizard hammock you can customize the position until your pet is happy. 

Make the smart choice to keep your pet engaged, entertained and comfortable around the clock with Reptile Hammock and climbable lounger. Buy Now!