Cat Scratching Post

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Product Overview

Handmade Deluxe Cat Climber Made with High-Quality Real Wood, Natural Sisal, & Linen

Simple Assembly, Cat Tree with Hanging Ball Toy & Imbedded Mouse Design. Healthier For your lovely Cat.

♚ Easy Assembly - To assemble the cat scratching post all you need is just less than 3 minutes of your time. Requiring no tools or additional assistance. Just hand screw each piece into their respective slots and then let your cat enjoy their new toy.

♚ 100% Natural High-Quality - we’ve used real woof for the base, giving it a sturdy foundation. Then for the scratching post and bottom, we used linen and natural sisal material, perfect for helping the cat keep their claws trimmed.

♚ Cat Approved Design - cats will have a blast playing, climbing, and scratching away at this cat tree tower thanks to its simplistic, yet feline enticing design. Its open design is ideal for multiple cats to have fun all at once.

Perfect to help stop your cats from clawing up furniture, curtains, and walls thanks to its natural sisal scratching material. Perfect for keeping your cats’ claws busy and the content of their minds.