Bird Toys with Bells (Banana)

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♚ Measures: 13.5" X 10" X 2.5", with a colorful woodblock.

♚ Weight: 16.2 OZ. and Color as picture shown.

♚  Easy to Install in Cages

It's handmade. Extra-large bird chewing toy with a colorful woodblock. Its crunch potential is ideal for medium and large parrots (Finch, Budgie, Parakeets, Cockatiels, Conures, African grey, Macaws cockatoos), birds, and small pets.

♚ 100% Birds Safe Materials: It is totally handmade, very resistant to bite, non-toxic, harmless and dyed by edible pigments therefore safe for the birds.

♚ 100% Guaranteed:  As a brand, we believe in quality instead of quantity! we're sure you'll love our Pets chew toy and cage climbing toy. Certified by CE for your pets; designed fully satisfy you from all points of view.