Bird Swing Toy

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STYLISH WITH OPTIMUM SIZE  - Being passionate bird lovers we have carefully sized the jute and cotton rope nesting basket to measure 13 cm or 5 inches in diameter. 

The outer pinewood ring measure 19 cm or 7.5 inches in diameter. The wooden platform has 3 stainless steel bells attached form below with toys on top and the whole assembly is suspended using rust-free stainless steel chains. 

♚ 100% NATURAL MATERIALS -  swing nest is made from organic natural materials jute, cotton rope, and wood. The cotton and jute ropes are skillfully handwoven to provide natural breeding habitat for the bird or small animal. 

Bird Swing Nest with Wooden Platform - Natural Handmade Breeding bed, Hatching Nesting Box - Cotton Rope and Jute Basket sits on a pinewood platform, which hangs like a swing. Toys with Bells for Parrot Cockatiel Parakeet Budgie Lovebird Finch.