About us

Welcome to PetVoxy - Pet Products and Supplies for the dog, bird, cat, and small animals.


Our Mission 

Playing with Enjoyment of all creature happiness and health.

How Our Journey Began…

Our founder loves fresh air, like use the Natural materials to design and share the playful toys for little animals of all kinds with a passion.argt8023.jpg

PetVoxy filled with our heart and compassion to create two of Brand:

- “ ALFLAND” for your little friends' playing healthy and have fun. Toys made by curated eco-friendly materials and talented designers for small animals' happiness and health, Playing with Enjoyment.

- “ALOOFA” Cleaning sponge for you, all clean purpose daily use, safe and touch in ground to earth.

When you shop at PetVoxy, you’re not just shopping from an online shop — you’re shopping from people who truly care and from people who genuinely care about your shopping experience.